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mitsunori loves to drink Sprite while listening to Queen and studying Japanese history. he also loves to ride motorcycles so grab your helmet and hang on tight, baby!

-- alicia+mitsunori=4 eva (, March 07, 2002


she. she screams in silence

yay! i come to the board and there is actually a message! woohoo! seakin of boy crazy, i cant wait to see my fav boys play the boardwalk with the brodys. i don't really like the boardwalk but they are getting all the good shows so i keep finding myself there in line on the porch listening to the rules. u know what i hate? is everytime they dont even ask me for an i.d. they jus go "she's a minor" and the stamping person goes "oh yea i know" well! hopefully by the time i go to the brodys/tkw show i will have my i.d. and i can whip it out and be like oooh see im 18 now! then i will have the priviledge to go out on the porch and smoke. even tho i dont smoke. i jus want to know i can go out there if i like.

-- Punk Princess LaUrA (, March 07, 2002.

not to mention...

those stamps are huge, red and very messy.

-- alicia (, March 07, 2002.

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