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When I purchased a used Saunders 4500-II last year I also, as part of the deal, obtained an enlarger lens.

The lens itself has no manufacturer's mark, but the invoice shows the lens as an 'Amplis' 150mm enlarger lens. On the barrel of the lens it has the words 'Lens made in Japan'; there's also a serial number: 'No. 69563'.

It's a f/4.5 lens (minimum aperature f/45; the aperature has 12 blades), with not a mark on it.

I have a few questions:

1. Is this a 'good' enlarger lens? Not having a lot of experience with other enlargers makes it difficult for me to make an assesment. It seems to work ok, but without any thing to compare it to I can't really say how *good* it really is.

2. I didn't find anything useful when searching Google for 'Amplis'. Seems that they're a Canadian company that distributes other brands such as Tamron. I'm not sure if they're till in business.

3. If I were to sell this, what would I ask for it? As I said before, it's perfectly clean, with not a mark on it anywhere.

Would it be worthwhile getting a good Rodenstock or Schneider enlarger lens?

Thanks for you help!


-- Ken Miller (, March 07, 2002


I should also mention that I don't think the lens is coated; at least, it's not coated in the same way that my other LF lens are...


-- Ken Miller (, March 07, 2002.


Amplis is indeed a Canadian importer handing a wide variety of good products. It is run, or was a few yers ago by Ernie Ohlig, for whom I worked in another life.

They brand good third party equipment and I have some of their products.

The lens may well be made by Sigma as they are the importers for that line. It may not be "as good" as a top of the line Schnieder, or Nikon or Rodenstock, but you can be assured it is "Good". If you can borrow or other wise use a Name Brand lens and compare, that is the only way.

I have a No Name enlarger lens and a Nikon and under 8x12 can no seea difference. You have to work hard to make a bad lens these days. The coating may be the big difference.

You don't say where you are, but you may want to call Amplis and ask them who made the lens.

Good luck

-- RICHARD ILOMAKI (, March 09, 2002.

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