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I am trying to use Ahead Nero and Easy CD creator 5.2 to record some windows mpeg and avi files in Video CD format. I want to be able to play them on a U.K. Playstation 2 ( pal system ) . I am getting the following error message in nero :- File 66.mpeg is invalid, need MPEG-1 which was encoded for Video CD Audio 44.1kHz Stereo 224 kBits Video 352*240/29.97 Hz or 352*240/23.976 HZ or 352*288/25hz In Easy CD Creator I get the error message :- 44.mpeg will not work in a VCD player. To make this file Video CD complaint, you will have to an MPEG encoder that will support Video CD encoding. Does any body know of a good program that will encode the files I have into the requirements for either program ?. I also have some Windows AVI files that I want to turn into the required mpeg encoding. I will be encoding for the British pal system so I assume out of the error message in the Ahead Nero in the video choice I would need 352*288/25 Hz ?.

I have so far tried 2 different mpeg-1 encoders but I still get the same error messages when I try to record them as a video cd.

I would be most gratefull if anybody could recommend a program for encoding the files and a program for recording the files

-- wayne ennis (, March 07, 2002


Go to and read up on making VCDs with TMPGenc. TMPGenc is free and there is a good guide to using it at VCDhelp. Please do yourself a favor and give up on EZ CD Creator. It's a piece of junk and more times than I can remember, forum regular Mehmet has warned people that it does not make compliant VCDs. It has all kinds of bugs and it's pretty worthless. Stick with Nero. I guess I should also warn you that I have read that PS2 will not play VCDs at all, so all your work may be in vain anyway.

-- Jason (, March 07, 2002.

If you know any play station II can play VCD please let me know, I tried and try again it didn't work on me. Maybe future PS2 would play who knows.

-- Hmong (, March 09, 2002.

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