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Hello ye all,

Moved up to R4 (from R3), will have R8 soon....

However, on the topic of older R SLR series focusing screens, I believe a few users out there have gone down one of these paths.

Brightsceen or Intenscreen?

cheers, Brooke

-- Brooke Anderson (, March 06, 2002


The question reminds me of how I was tempted to buy an R3 because I like the way it feels in my hand (better than my R4) and I like the analog meter. But I didn't like the dim finder screen. So this post raises for me the question of whether it's possible to refurbish an R3 with a brighter screen. I'll be watching to see what everyone says.

-- Bob Fleischman (, March 06, 2002.

On the subject of focusing screens for the R4-R8 unfortunately the Beattie screens are not really much of an improvement on the OEM screens which in my opinion are not so much dark as they are coarse and grainy. I tried the all-matte R screens and I can't focus anything wider than a 50 on them, so I use the Universal screens. I have a Nikon F and F2 which I "transplanted" the B-screen from the F4 and they are the best manual focus cameras I own now, as far as the screens go. I have heard good things about Maxwell screens but have no personal experience with them.

Re: the R3. AFAIK it is *possible* to have a different screen adapted to it by a repair tech who knows how to do it, but I would hardly consider it an economical procedure given the [lack of] value of the R3.

-- Jay (, March 06, 2002.

I'm with Jay on the R3 retrofit thing. Get an SL or SL2 and get both the tactile feel and the brightest view this side of trinovids.

I've used both the Intenscreen and Brightscreen in an R4sP and I much prefer the Brightscreen. The Intenscreen brightens the viewfinder more than the Brightscreen does at the cost of nearly-impossible ground-glass focussing. You shouldn't need either with the R8 'cuz it's nearly as good as the SL's viewscreen.

-- Douglas Herr (, March 06, 2002.

Doug, I think you mentioned once you use a modified Brightscreen Grid? What did you have done? thx

-- Brooke Anderson (, March 06, 2002.

In a past life, before I received a revelation and returned to my "M" roots, I used Contaxs SLR. I replaced all my screens(6) with "Brightscreens". You won't be disapointed They brighten the viewing by tons. I found the#4 to be outstanding when you had to focus in less than bright conditions. They are the best you can get for an SLR BUT, be patient. Sometimes they take a while to arrive.

9They are not close to an M when you look through the finder).

-- Ned Learned (, March 07, 2002.

Doug, I think you mentioned once you use a modified Brightscreen Grid?

I used the standard Brightscreen grid viewscreen, which was a Leica screen treated by Brightscreen.

-- Douglas Herr (, March 07, 2002.

Maxwell. Very bright AND contrasty -don't know how he does it.........

-- david kelly (, March 07, 2002.

The winner seems to be Maxwell. The feedback from Bill Maxwell's product seem to suggest thebest focusing power and brightness. I am prepared for the phone call...been know to talk a bit myself. I also like the fact I could customize - maybe a 1/3 sectional grid with centre spot and crop lines for 8 x 10 (clients). thanks all, any further comments are welcome. Brooke

-- Brooke Anderson (, March 07, 2002.

I have just cancelled my order with Maxwell Optics for a replacement screen for an older Rolleiflex twin lens. Despite my hopes to find a quality aftermarket screen replacement, this source has let me down in a big way. When I placed the order hoping to buy something already made and ready to ship - I was told that a new batch of orders would be made the next week. Then after two weeks when I called back, I got a round-around and was told that maybe the screen would be made for all the unfilled orders in the next week. I don't need that kind of treatment from a dealer that has already charged my credit card for the $143 order, failed to yet reverse the charge for my cancellation, and is making excuses for not even starting to fill the order. Now I have to worry with making a billing dispute with my credit card company. Big regrets.

-- Steve Brantley (, March 09, 2002.

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