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Need help,,How can I create my own vcd music...can a regular music for example MP3 format convert to VCD format that will play in my DVD...Especially if I want to turn them into VCD KARAOKE...what tool is out there to do this, if possible ? I hope somebody can answer this..I'm big fan of Karaoke VCD..

-- Kiko (, March 06, 2002


VCD consists of a 1150 Mbps MPEG-1 video file multiplexed with a 224 Mbps MPEG-1 layer II audio file. You will have to convert your MP3 to MPEG-1 layer II audio at 224 Mbps. Various tools can do this. I think WinAmp can do this. So can other programs. Then you will have to find/create a video file of the appropriate length according to VCD standards and multiplex that with your video. I wouldn't even attempt it as it's just too time consuming, but if you really want to do this, you might want to do a web search on VCD Karaoke and see what you find. Maybe someone has some tools out there that might help you.

-- Jason (, March 06, 2002.

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