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I am researching the issue of divorced ministers of the gospel for a book on the subject. I would like to include your denominational views on the subject. Does the A.M.E have an official statement concerning this? The book will highlight this issue from the perspective of the divorced minister himself. Therefore, I would also be interested in hearing from any minister who has experienced divorce in order to learn how this has affected his/her ministry. Thank you.

Dee Ann Campbell

-- Anonymous, March 06, 2002


Came across this posting and did not know if you were still collecting information. If you have completed the book I would to know where I could get a copy.

I was divorced in 1976. My wife was divorced in 1977. We were both accepted Christ as our Savior as children. We married in 1978. (did not know each other before the divorces) My parents went to the old Atlanta Bible College. My wifes grandfather was a Baptist Minister for 60 years. I graduated Florida Baptist Theological College in 1986. I served 5 churches bio-vationally. I am presently serving in Children's Home ministry. (2 years at Kentucky Baptist Children's Home) (4 years at Florida Baptist Children's Home) present My wife is involved in Women's Ministry as a speaker and musician. We have 3 daughters, 27,23,19 We have 4 grand-children, 9,9,8,2 We will celebrate 25 years of marriage together this December 1st.

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2003

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