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There's a new photoshop plug-in called "color mechanic" that looks interesting. anyone out there using it? if so please contact me off-list-- i'd like to chat.

~chris jordan (Seattle)

-- chris jordan (, March 06, 2002


Color Mechanic is a PhotoShop plug in, but that capability is built in to Picture Window, which is produced by the same software company, Digital Light and Color, and which I do use. Picture Window is a full photo editing program which is quite sophisticated because it is designed in terms that are familiar to photographers. I much prefer it to PhotoShop. The Color Mechanic segment of Picture Window allows very fine-tuned color adjustment. Just the other day I was working on a medium format photo of a freight train parked in a snowy forest framed in the forground by a jumble of railroad ties. The ties were a sickly green color (the result of both a color cast and lichens) and I wanted to give them a more neutral gray tone. I was able to do this very nicely with the Picture Window version of Color Mechanic. I don't think that LF negatives would present any difficulty although, of course, to do much modification of them you need lots of memory. (Picture Window, by the way, takes rather less memory to run than PhotoShop.) If you have other questions contact me.

-- Tony Galt (, March 06, 2002.

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