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Hi friends PhotoCD ------------- HELP ! I am new to VCD programming and have just installed an ACER CDRW ( 24x10x40) drive on my computer. I need to put my school and family photos into a VCD ( Still pictures- in jpg format ) so that I can playback on my VCD 2.0 player. That is, by pressing the NEXT button on my VCD player remote, I should be able to advance and display one photo at a time on my TV.. I tried using NERO burning ROM program. No success yet. Some one told me that I should first convert my jpg pictures to AVI and then to MPG etc etc. No matter what I did, when I put the disc into my VCD player, a ERROR message is displayed. The amount of information, software tools etc available on the net on VCD authoring and programming is so vast , that a new entrant like me just cannot absorb and understand what is going on.. Even just going thru them is so confusing. Will someone be kind enough to tell me what I should do, starting with the jpg pictures. a) What software program should I use. Including all the sub programs, plug ins if any. b) What settings and options must I use. c) Any other helpful hints. My CDRW is workign fine as I am able to put the photos on the CD and view them on my computer. Thanks in advance. Sandy Aranjo Please email me at this address:

-- Sandy Aranjo (, March 06, 2002


Look here... and

-- Dick (, March 06, 2002.

Thanks for the full link Dick. That's the best guide I've seen on the subject. Just a word of warning - labDV has become amazingly popular, maybe too popular. It's switching soon to a subscription service because it's overwhelming the providers who have agreed to host it as a free site, so go there as quick as you can Sandy. The guide at labDV is as simple as it gets and should help you do this right. One final warning - some VCD and DVD players don't support CD-R media. If you have one of those, nothing you do will overcome that problem. One more note about - if it's still free, it takes a LONG time to load because the server it runs on is overwhelmed with requests to access it, so you have to be patient to wait for it to load. Using the direct link to the guide is your best bet for success without punishing wait times.

-- Jason (, March 06, 2002.

See.... Alternate to Ulead PictureShow...question....I posted the crack..Regards Stephen

-- Stephen Grasby (, November 18, 2002.

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