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i am spending 10 days in Honk kong at the end of April. I would like to go to either Taiwan or in to China for 5 days or so on a budget. How is it possible to get to Taiwan from Hong Kong- is there an overnight ferry? or is flying the only way (maybe this is cheap??) or do you know of any backpacker trips operating from Hong Kong going into China?

-- jeff matthewman (, March 06, 2002


Taiwan to Hong Kong

Too far for a ferry. Best way is by plane. There is a travel shop across the road from the Sungshan airport in Taipei where you should be able to get a reasonably cheap ticket to Hong Kong. For internal Taiwan flights you just buy a ticket in Sungshan itself: flights there are frequent and cheap (though not the safest in the world). For backpacker trips, try the Hong Kong YHA web site. Their URL is: If you cycle, there is a cycling club in Kowloon that organises short cycling tours on the mainland, usually in neighbouring Guangdong (you can hire a bike in Shenzhen, so you don't need to bring one with you). Their URL is:

-- Ken Davies (, March 06, 2002.

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