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I just can't find the answer to this specific question so here goes:

I'm about to buy a shen-hao wooden 4x5. It has the graphlok back. Will a mamiya rb67 back fit on this camera? if so,what else will I need to make that back work on that camera? What other inexpensive and relatively easy to find used 6x9/6x7 backs are there for 4x5's with graphlok backs?

-- paul frank (, March 05, 2002


The older RB backs are suppose to fit the 6x9 Century Graphics, and probably the rest of the baby Graphics. It won't fit the 4x5.

As far as inexpensive but decent roll backs, look for the lever wind Graphic/Singer backs. They are considered better than the knob winds for film flatness. From there the prices go up.

I do have two very nice 6x7 backs for 4x5 that you may be interested in for a good price. Drop a line and I'll clue you in.

-- Wayne Crider (, March 05, 2002.

The first rule of thumb with roll film backs is to make sure you get one with a pressure plate. I have found that inexpensive (less than $200 which iwll buy a decent used back) generally means unsharp when it comes to backs. I, and others, have had a lot of problems with all graphic backs. However, I understand that they can be modified and tightened to improve performance. I would strongly recommend Horseman, Toyo or Wista backs. Linhof are fine too but a good deal more expensive. You can find a nice used 6x7 or 6x9 back in the $200 range and sometimes for a bit less.

Good luck.

-- Ted Harris (, March 05, 2002.


In order for the Mamiya back to work on the Shen-Hao you need to buy Shen-Hao's special back, which, as far as I know, is not available in the US. Unless you already own the RB/RZ back, I wouldn't bother, buy yourself a Linhof or Horseman graflock back (which just snap on after removing the ground glass) or a Calumet C2, which slides in like a film holder. If money is an issue, you could buy an older Graflock 23 roll-back, which aren't great quality, but should work fine. I have used a Linhof 120 back for several years (and have used it on a Shen- Hao) and am happy with the quality, however I have heard that backs with 'spring' tensioning plates, like the Horseman, increase film flattness.

best regards.

-- jason (, March 06, 2002.

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