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3/5/02 Tomorrow begins FNG's first day... want to map out a few things to give him clear/concise understanding about how DONCIO runs.

My current concerns-

- stop errors with phase disks while laying image on a machine - figuring out how I want to detail him with work - how to keep track of what's been completed... should I feel the need to document week's progress? - I will phase his machine tomorrow morning and configure it... then give him a couple of machines to phase for adding to the network. That should get him fairly familiar with how the network is setup. - I don't even think I have a documented list of what the order is... but there are several updates on the install share that need to be configured post Phase III CAC (ie ActiveCard Gold...) - CAC issuance, adminWD acct, anything else, alternate ISSO, intro's to top dudes - familiarized with Desktop environment... then to server setup - Wendling's laptop good startoff point... Creating new accts... - Hopefully I will be in bright and super early tommorow morning with big smile on me face!

-- Anonymous, March 05, 2002


1st week 1st day

Today started off not how I wanted to. Initially, I thought my bad vibes were just related to change...and difficulties I might have with it.

But it really started with the server assignment. Wouldn't that be more of Robert's area? and if not him... me? Aside from that, what about whatver schedule I am trying to implement to get this guy started out? Christ, I was so pissed about it. It didn't dawn on me until my bikeride.

It was more the issue with time than anything. Completely understand that Spann makes the call on whatever goes... hell, he could have me wiping lunch off of his face, and well, maybe that would be a bit humiliating... but the point is, I thought at least I could get my inital agenda taken care of... technically his official agenda, before doing special projects.

WHatever- blowing off steam

2nd item of contention. What or how do I deal with the fact that I have this sordid view of my own worth when I feel somewhat under stress? I would like to assume that this morning's comment led to whatever stress possibly going on in my head. Usually I trust what I am saying and how I say it, but then Robert's comment about Rick's thoughts? and body language? WHAT?! Now, assuming Robert is correct, why would Rick have issue with me talking about the FUCK EVERYONE what I get pissed about is the lack of confidence I may have in such situations... but only because of how not in control I feel about the situation. Maybe I would have "adequately" referred to the zoning-in-on-the-list as an ideal if I hadn't felt cheated out of maybe a pretense of control... a false sense of integration in this stupid group i work with.

Agreed, lack of confidence in my abilities definitely an issue- Robert is not scared of saying what he feels or thinks... Spann or Rick will jump and correct if need be, no problems. Why cannot I be in charge of my own domain in such a way? So irritating. I am never afraid of being wrong, so I say, but then I take personal offense when I am...thin skin... I hate being wrong because of the perception it gives. But I cannot hide in this fear. I feel like being corrected is equivalent to being humiliated-> the hell did that come from?

ANyway- final decisions - write in this forum about work related shit to figure out how to pull my confidence out of the shitter when around 2 I admire greatly.

get over it and move on.

-- Anonymous, March 06, 2002



737 items completed 115 items pending

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2002


Today was a good day... despite the fact that I have a couple of users hanging.

Freda's machine was not talking to the Office XP msi on Intellimirror. I tried fanagling every which way on the gui (detect & repair; add remove; install; repair from msi etc) Just launching Excel would generate msinstaller and then the error message (invalid msi).

Anyway, after trying to update the msinstaller to 2.0 and after deleting several cached msi packages in winnt\installer, Rick came across the msiexec command line option - Bingo (btw, orca looks at the actual msi at the server level) At the Dos prompt, uninstall worked perfectly. Saved me from a day's work at Freda's desk! Beautiful!

On another note, DTS has been correlated to AvantGo errors... will find out more tomorrow.

note: always have a backup plan that goes back quarterly or bi-yearly and yearly...

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2002

Well, looks like I'm not the monster-

It is day 8 of imposed darkness of icy cold winter against me. It's really odd. I actually find it humorous at times, not so humorous at others...

Sometimes it makes me uncomfortable, but mostly it doesnt. I think what disturbs me the most, is that an individual is capable of this kind of behaviour. I guess we all are. I guess it is too the extent? I don't know... I don't really relate to this well, my mom use to threaten that she would do this kind of shit to me back in the day.


sirens, arlington fire fleet (what seemed like) arrived at our apts. looks like a hoax. Brought me back to 911

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2002


meant to post this earlier this week-

710 items completed 114 items pending

-- Anonymous, March 07, 2002


That was short-lived.

I will greatly miss Bill.

Today begins a new season, this time, I will truly be left to my own. THis isn't a problem, save for the fact, that I wonder how long it will take before I am that monster again.

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2002

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