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Ok, I know im not approaching this little job in the same way you guys are, but I have a little set-up coming to me. A friend gave me a Proxima Ovation820 (VGA TFT), with all the VGA, composite and SVHS leads for free. I managed to find myself a brand new NOBO 499 Overhead Projector for 170 / $242 (regular retail 699 or $994) specs can be found at < > they even have PDFs! This is rated I think at 2850+ lumens.

My question is, with a nice white bed linen hung strategically, do I have far to go? If the results are good, I will endavour to start from scratch - but im quite keen on a working rig to start with!

Thanks for any advise, I have read all the previous posts and you guys are doing some amazing things, takes some guts!

Just another thing before I go, I have access to a MIG welder and was thinking of making a metal cage to hold the completed rig upside down on my ceiling, any ideas if this will cause any overheating / airflow problems?

Best Regards


-- Andrew Armstrong (, March 05, 2002

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