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My Philips VCD 2.0 player used to play VCDs correctly. Of late, I have started noticing that some VCDs are possibly getting recognised as Audio CDs. As soon as I insert the VCDs, the display panel of the player shows the number of tracks (like it happens in an ACD). When I try to play nothing happens. In my player, as soon as a Cd is recognised as a VCD, the TV screen shows the Philips logo. But with the above CDs that logo never appears. What I get instead is number 02 displayed on the VCD's display panel like the way it should happen with an audio CD.

My second problem is that I have created some Audio CDs with the Adaptec Easy CD creator. But I am unable to play them on the Philips system. I converted some MP3s to WAV and then through the audio CD creation process of Easy CD Creator I created the Audio CDs. I am able to play them on a computer. But my Philips system refuges to oblige.

Please Help.


-- suresh behera (, March 05, 2002


Easy CD has a bug (which even in the latest ver 5 was not corrected) where it places the MPEG tracks as itemxxxx.dat items in the SEGMENT directory instead of in the MPEGAV directory, which remains empty. Such a disc may get recognized as an audio CD by your player but it then stops. So, immediately put your Easy CD on the floor and stomp on it for all that you're worth and get Nero instead. But I think your problem may be that your player doesn't read CD-Rs. Philips ususally do, but yours may be an exception. In this case even Nero won't help. Tough.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, March 05, 2002.

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