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What does everyone think are poe's five best pieces of work?

-- Anonymous, March 05, 2002


This is extremely artificial. I'll list five then change my mind tomorrow. Those whose case does not need arguing but not in order: "The Fall of the House of Usher", "The Raven" ,"To Helen(first of this title)", "The Bells" "The Tell-Tale Heart." I think quality, originality and popularity could make a good argument for other choices. Poe's own preferences such as "Ligeia" and other poems like "Ulalume" and "the Sleeper" are worth extra study for the emotion and sheer artistry that must have meant a lot to him personally. In fact Poe, despite his small overall output and the brevity of most of his pieces hits the mark very often. Memorable poems often listed in the top hundred(emphasize memorable, add unique), memorable, powerful tales. Five is perhaps unfair a limtiation.

But what about "Eureka" which takes a lot of study to see on its own merits, Poe's essays on poetry and art, his invention of the detective story(The Gold Bug, Murders on the Rue Morgue). Despite the obvious problems his novel about A. Gordon Pym attracts amd intrigues.

-- Anonymous, March 05, 2002

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