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I work with students with autism. One is smart enough to do some damage to a computer. When something goes wrong with a CD-Rom, he "problem solves' on the computer and gets going to places where no man should ever be! I don't have enough maintenance and hardware info to know how to get out of these places or how to even know what he has done. I tried setting up a folder for him to use on the desktop and explained he can only go to the places within that folder. That didn't last long--he figured out how to bring things into his folder! How do I prevent him from getting to places in "My Computer?" thanks

-- Sharon Noble (, March 04, 2002


Hi Sharon,

Great question their is a great program called Fortres that would help you prevent your students from going where they should not go. You can find out more information at

This would be a good program for you folks to use school-wide with your PCs.

Have a great day,


-- Lane D. Rankin (, March 05, 2002.

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