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most of my class problems deal with tech support situations, e.g., printer does not work, can't get on the net, etc., which usually ;means a student pressed too many buttons, went nuts with the mouse, etc., etc., Our computers are adequate and I am not concerned with softwareas I can get what I want on the Net. What good is car if you can't figure out how to maintain it? Yes, we get a good mechanic. Can you imagine being in corporate business and your computer is down for a month? Welcome to Public Ed. Is this a socioeconomic reality?

-- Dave Brower (, March 04, 2002


Hi Dave,

One way to solve this problem especially if it is caused by students doing things they should not do is to get a program like Fortres that will keep students out of places that will cause problems.

-- Lane D. Rankin (, March 05, 2002.

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