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What is the biggest disadvantage to using a mac? Biggest advantage?

-- Craig Nankervis (, March 04, 2002


Biggest disadvantage would be that 90% of the world uses PCs and people do not understand that using a Mac does not make you less technical or less productive or anything. It is interesting because a lot of this depends on what field you are in. If you are an artist, musician, entertainer, videographer, you will most likely be using a Macintosh. Also, Macs still have a strong % of educators in higher Ed and K-12 using Macs. I work with the UC and a lot of folks there use Macs and at CSUSB a large number of folks use Macs.

It is unfortunate that many people feel that using a PC means that you are a more serious computer user.

Now that we have OS X a Unix based operating system that never crashes! Yeah! And Apple has created a true digital hub for Photos, Music, Video and creating CDs and DVDs I believe Macs are still viable for the classroom.

There are some great Mac Myths that get dispelled at http://

There are also a lot of people that are raving about the new Mac!

-- Lane D. Rankin (, March 05, 2002.

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