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Hi I have a Canon rebel g, but for some reason lately the command dial is a pain to move. Apparently it appears to be stuck and I have to apply ALOT of force just to move it. The warrenty is 4 years over so I cant use that, any clues to what I should do? Contact canon maybe? I went to my local camera store but they look dumbfounded and didn't know what to do.

-- JC (, March 04, 2002


I haven't had that problem with my Rebel G, but the flash doesn't like to pop up and AF stopped working. ;)

It would probably be cheapest to just replace it, I've seen Rebel G bodies go for $100 on EBay. Or upgrade to a better body like I did (Elan 7).

-- Steven Fisher (, March 04, 2002.

Yea thanks, I actually have a Elan 7, the G is my back up. Thanks.

-- JC (, March 04, 2002.

When this happened to my EOS 1000FN (REBEL SII equivalent), I sprayed a little household silicon lubricant along the edge of the command dial. This seemed to free up my the dial.

That particular lubricant was safe for plastics and electronics. Warning: It might not work for you, and you risk damage to your camera by using the wrong lubricant.

-- Julian Loke (, March 05, 2002.

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