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Somewhere a friend read about Carl Larson (he of the chicken ranch in the Sunset district) having a wild huge annual party with drunks passing out in the dunes and causing trouble. Apparently Larson was embarrassed by one particularly crazy shin-ding and put out a full-page ad apologizing to the City, and halted the party forever. I'd like to follow up on this for a story on our site (

Has anyone heard it? Know where my absent-minded friend might have read the tale?


Woody LaBounty Western Neighborhoods Project

-- Woody LaBounty (, March 04, 2002


Woody: When did these parties take place? They sound suspiciously like my high school "drink ups" of the 1960s -- astounding events usually held atop Strawberry Hill or at "the Circle" at the south end of Sunset Boulevard . . .

-- John Martini (, March 04, 2002.

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