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Most of us know that idols are more than little statues and false gods. Idols are anything that come between a person and God.

We've probably heard about how things such as careers, wealth, and celebrities can become idols, but what about the idol named self? Self is a huge idol in the lives of many Christians as well as non-Christians.

Things such as selfishness, pride, ego, and bitterness are all manifestations of the self idol. We see these enough in the church, and it's a problem, but few would argue that they aren't sin. Dealing with it may be another matter, but at least we'll admit they're sin.

You will get an argument on another manifestation of the self idol though - control. Who is calling the shots in your life as far as goals, plans, ambitions, even the pleasures you engage in? Do you ask God if this is the college you should go to, or do you just apply? What about your romantic interests, career goals, movie choices, even choice of church? Do you even ask? What if you ask, but God gives an answer you don't like? Do you just bull ahead?

As an example of what we might face, a while back I'd planned to take some night classes, but God told me to hold off. He also told me to drop my hobby reading. Now I know why. My activities at church and with the family have absolutely saturated my schedule. This is what God has for me right now, and the school and reading isn't an option at this time. I'm also experiencing blessing upon blessing.

We cannot expect to go far with God as long as we keep contesting what He's trying to do in our lives. He has a plan, do we think we can come up with a better one?

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2002

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