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I sent a message to View Camera Magazine asking to buying back issues. It has been almost three months since I sent the message but no reply from them. Are they still in business?

I want to buy all 2001 issues of View Camera. I subscribed to it for many many years but the recent subscription mailing was not stable so I stopped the subscription but planning to buy back issues. Now, I am out of luck with the fine magazine.

-- Hisun Wong (, March 03, 2002


You can buy back issues of View Camera magazine at Robert White at Good Luck Kit

-- NG Sai Kit (, March 03, 2002.

I have 51 back issues I wish to sell, but want to sell all as a set. Oldest is back in 1988. newest is Jan/Feb 2001.


-- Kevin Kolosky (, March 03, 2002.

They are still in business but moved from California to New Mexico (Taos I think) recently. Perhaps your inquiry got lost in the move. Have you tried contacting them in New Mexico?

-- Brian Ellis (, March 04, 2002.

Try the View Camera Web site. There is an email-contact us- area that you can use. They are in Correlas, NM now.

-- Bob Moulton (, March 04, 2002.

I have had two dealings with the folks at View Camera. ordering back- issues was a most exasperating experience. after a month, and repeated phone calls, I was assured they were in the mail. after two weeks and no delivery, I called and was told they would resend my order. after another two weeks, I was told that they had sent the order to a Daniel Taylor in NYC and would try again. after two months, my copies arrived. there is another story .. more comical than the first which I will spare you of. after I started noticing that View Camera magazine appeared on the news rack before I received my home mailing, I cancelled my subscription. good luck!

-- daniel taylor (, March 04, 2002.

Hisun, In my own experience, I've found it faster just to give thier offices a call(505)899-8054. They recently moved to Corrales, New Mexico and are putting on a Large Format Symposium on this spring in Albu...Albak...Alabaq...that big city in New Mexico. Check thier website for more details. Good Luck!

-- John Kasaian (, March 04, 2002.


I called View Camera magazine in New Mexico a couple of weeks ago, ordered a back issue, and received it in about one week. The woman I talked to on the phone was very nice, and I was very pleased with the service.

-- Dave Karp (, March 04, 2002.

I've ordered dozens of back issues from both them and Photo Techniques - never a problem (except for the ones they are out of). Give them a call.

-- Wayne DeWitt (, March 04, 2002.

Like Daniel, my experience getting back orders from View Camera was frustrating. I ordered six about two years ago. I had to call three times, deal with a rather curt employee (or maybe he wasn't an employee;) and ended up receiving issues that I didn't order that were "substituted" for the issues I was ordered.

Of course, they were of issues that I already had copies of.

-- Richard Lingg (, March 04, 2002.

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