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Does anyone know where I can find filters for the current version of the R 19mm 2.8? I can't speak for artistic photography, but as far as reportage goes the colors of the filters they put in are absurd. What I NEED is a 30 magenta, an 81A and 81B. Not orange, green and blue or whatever they are. I have heard rumors of filters in the works for it but nothing ever shows up.



-- dave yoder (, March 03, 2002


That's the reason I still own the 21/4. Not to have filter threads on a lens makes it nearly useless for me. My 15mm Heliar is thread- less but for its limited purpose I just live with it. I suppose you could juryrig a filter holder and use gels, and I have heard rumors that Leica can substitute filters, but I don't personally know anyone who has had that done.

-- Jay (, March 04, 2002.

What you need is the Cokin 's 275 Universal Adapter Ring

-- Lucien (, March 06, 2002.

Thanks... but I think that lens really needs the shade, at least according to Leica.

-- dave yoder (, March 06, 2002.

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