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did Poe really marry a 13 year old? Was virginia a virgin? Why didnt they have kids? did he ever drink Mountian Dew? Was Poe the one who invinted forks?(just askin) Was he really real Was he a man or a woman?

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2002


1. Yes, he did... he was her cousin... he was twice her age at marriage... 2. I dunno. 3. Beats me... Why don't you ask him? 4. Unless he had a time machine, he would have never been able to taste the sweet nectar of mountain dew, for it had its roots in 1921 at its earliest, and not until the 60s was the drink produced in the form that we know it today. 5. Sorry, nope, Kitchen forks trace their origins back to the time of the Greeks. These forks were fairly large with two tines that aided in the carving and serving of meat. The tines prevented meat from twisting or moving during carving and allowed food to slide off more easily than it would with a knife. 6. Are you really real? If you can answer that, then I think that'll give some insight to Poe's reality or lack thereof. 7. According to a lot of websites and books, Poe was a man. I hope that's right ;)

There you go! God bless!

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2002

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