worth of a used leica r6.2

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i bought a used r6.2 leica for 300 (yes 300) dollars a year ago in austria/europe . camera is almost unused and works fine. i know leica stopped producing these cameras. will the worth increase ?? for how much could i sell it ? should i keep the camera or change it for an m6 leica, which is the camera i really want. (sure i want an m7 but $$$$...)

greetings form austria oliver

-- oliver kurzemann (moengi@zip6020.com), March 03, 2002


Depends on the condition obviously, but with the R6.2 being dropped from the range I'd imagine prices on nice examples will be going up (especially among those pro users who might wish to stockpile a few bodies). I just recently got a used R6.2 in the UK for Ģ500

-- Tim Franklin (tim_franklin@mac.com), March 03, 2002.

If you really want the M6, sell the R6.2. You will very likely quadruple what you paid for it.

-- Jay (infinitydt@aol.com), March 03, 2002.

hello jay

you are right. itīs all about photography and not money. iīm a student and thatīs maybe why i worry about money (sorry, no money) too much


-- oliver (moengi@zip6020.com), March 03, 2002.

Without knowing the used Leica prices in Austria, I am sure you did a great buy -congratulations.
Nobody can tell you if your R6.2 will increase in value or not. Some may argue that there will be a tedency to sell off film cameras in favor of digital -with declining prices as a result. Others that film lovers will focus their attention towards Leica as the only high end manufacture which still seem dedicated to film.
I have observed that in Denmark the prices of second hand Leica has fallen about 20-25% during the last year. Only rare and truely mint samples seem to hold their price.
Wheather this is an effect of a general low in economics or from a shift towards digital I don't know -only time will tell.
I know from experience that it can be rather difficult to sell second hand Leica at optimum prices in a small marked (presuming the Austrian marked is comparable to the Danish). Eg. Ebay prices may not be representative of what you can realistically sell your camera for in your country.
However your R6.2 originally cost about the same as an M6, and since it is my impression that there are quite a few Leica users who has both the R and M system, and since the R6.2 appear to be one of the more attractive R's, I think it is possible that you can find someone who will swap an M6 for an R6.2.
If your heart beats for the M, by all means; go for it.

-- Niels H. S. Nielsen (nhsn@ruc.dk), March 04, 2002.

I have both the M6 TTL and the R7, and wish that I also owned the R6.2 for its totally manual character. Wish I could find the R6.2 for $300! If you find that you like Leica images and gear, then you may also want to have the R6.2 as your SLR body. Considering how little money you paid for the R6.2, I think you might really regret getting rid of it down the road, because you'll wish you had it back again. In the US, a good R6.2 body sells for $1,000 - $1,500 or more, and a new one costs about $1,900 through the New York mail order houses. Good luck.

-- Steve Brantley (sbrantley@nccommerce.com), March 04, 2002.

You got an unbelievable deal. The R6.2s are now more expensive new than the R8. You should be able to sell it for at the very least $1100 assuming it all works and is in good condition. I suspect that the R6.2 will remain one of the more sort after Rs akin to the SL2 if only because it is a solid, reliable and good manual body. Personally I doubt the camera will appreciate in value though as the Rs do not really fit into the pattern you see with the Ms. Still, having just said that, the SL2s and SLs seem to have increased in price over the last 10 years with all the other electronic Leicas decreasing. If you want an M6 then I would sell it, but R stuff sells slowly so you might have a long wait to sell or swap it, but you will probably accomplish it in the end.

-- Robin Smith (smith_robin@hotmail.com), March 04, 2002.

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