4x5 film holders (lisco-riteway)

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hi folks- just need opinions on the Lisco MarkII holder with the numbering feature, also the Riteway holder with the same feature. BTW are these perhaps the same holder? they look alike in the pix I have seen. Hi Ho...

-- vic (vicgin@bellsouth.net), March 03, 2002


They should have a family resemblance. The same company makes both.

-- Alec (alecj@bellsouth.net), March 03, 2002.

I love the Riteway version of these holders with the little safety button and changed all my 4x5 holders to this type. These buttons keep you from pulling the dark slide until the holder is properly seated. This was my major problem with one of my cameras, and this feature solved it. A caveat - if I lived in a cold climate and had to wear gloves, I think the buttons could drive me mad.

The numbering feature evokes very mixed feelings... The little rotating wheels are often difficult to rotate or rotate too freely , thus possibly obscuring the number. I find the numbers on the negs very difficult to read even using a loupe. You don't really get a nice clear view of the number on the wheel. However, they do help distinguish holders from one another, and the numbering basically DOES work, just not as well as one would hope. Overall, though, I have found these holders far easier to use and more reliable than my previous collection of motley holders of all sorts.


-- Richard Rankin (rpr@superlink.net), March 03, 2002.

I have a love hate relationship with the holders. The safety factor I like, the numbers aren't special to me, but you should make certain the spring on the camera back is stout enough to push the button in when the holder is inserted. i have had some problems with this feature in a number of different cameras. Bob

-- Bob Moulton (bobmargaretm@home.com), March 03, 2002.

These are made in the same plant in Ca.There is no difference between what so ever.If you pay attention,the standard slide locks are fine.

-- Edsel Adams (mrchippy628@aol.com), March 03, 2002.

Well at least now I know why the number wheels are there. Thanks guys.

-- Emerson Valley (emerson@valleye.net), March 03, 2002.

Is there any place where the Riteway holders can be bought, preferably in Europa ? I made some search on the net, but couldn't find any address, nor address for Fidelity. Are there any other holders made, specially in 8x10 with a safety knob like the Riteways ? Thank's, Jan.

-- Jan (jan.eerala@itameri.net), March 04, 2002.

I bought mine at B&H just last week. I know that is not Europe but at least you have a source.

-- Emerson Valley (emerson@valleye.net), March 04, 2002.

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