Zeiss Ikon loupe - any info?

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Hello everybody,

I've been lent a small loupe for gg focusing and I'm trying to identify it in case I ever get chance to purchase another one (doubtfull but you never know). Also I'd like to find out what they were called / any history as I've drawn a blank looking around the web.

It's marked "Zeiss Ikon, Made in Germany" on the barrel. It is a single element design and seems to be just less than 4x magnification when compared to a silvestri 4x.

Its dimensions are: Length "closed" - 50mm (dioptre correction for open / closed) Length "open" - 70mm Eyepiece lens diameter - 17mm Objective end internal diameter - 20mm Objective end external diameter - 31mm It is made of alumininum (aluminum) with a black paint coating.

I like it as it's small, can get into the gg corners and is easy to use.

I'm looking round for a loupe and thought about the following (to be used on a Sinar p2 gg):

Toyo 3.6x: like the rubber end caps but is it too long to manipulate into corners? Maybe prefer this slightly lower magnification but haven't had chance to try one yet.

Toyo "Superior" 4x: can't find any info on the web - is there much difference to the 3.6x and is this the shorter one people refer to?

Rodenstock 4x: had a go with one and found it very "plasticky" and thought I'd be forever readjusting the dioptre correction. I know it's the one Sinar use so should be OK but didn't have a good feeling about it.

Schneider 4x: ruled out on cost and size grounds - I've got the 6x6 loupe and it's great but think the new generation versions are bulky and are more designed for lightbox use.

Silvestri 4x: like this and it seems substantial and a good price. Larger than the zeiss one but brighter. Gave a more contrasty grain on the gg compared to the zeiss but the only camera I could try it on was an MPP with a Beattiescreen which salesman said would be different to a standard gg.

Silvestri 6x tilting: I like the tilting idea but do you get problems with light leaking in from the side and is 6x too strong for a sinar gg? I don't know how a sinar gg compares to any other for coarseness etc.

I'm in the UK so trying various loupes is difficult before purchase. The ones I mention above were tried at the recent Focus On Imaging exhibition but I could only try the silvestri 4x against a gg (the company didn't have a tilting one with them) and everbody else only had lightboxes with trannies on.

Any info appreciated.

Thanks in advance

-- Andrew Pell (adp88@btinternet.com), March 03, 2002


Andrew, Have you given the Zeiss website a try? Current production seems to be targeted at the medical profession, but they still make an extensive line of loupes. I think there is a website with Zeiss historical info as well. Happy loupe hunting!

-- John Kasaian (www.kasai9@aol.com), March 04, 2002.

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