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Hello all,

Mainstage is in the process of organizing it's Summer Stage program again. At this point we have a number of options available to us as to where we will hold the Children's Theatre and Apprentice program. I would appreciate your input ASAP so that we can move forward. Just respond to this email with your opinion. Please feel free to answer if you are a parent, summer stager,staff, or audience member.

1. Return to Glen Landing School for Apprentice program and Children's Theatre with performances being held at Glen landing for these programs.

2. All programs and all performances held at Camden County College (no busing this year - one location.)

Please note that the Anne Mullen School is NOT an option this year. Also, we are looking to offer expanded times for the Apprentice program ( 9:00 - 3:00 option) if Camden County College is the location of our programs. Also, the addition of a NEW program (3 days a week- 2 hours a day) for 2nd and 3rd graders at CCC in the late afternoon entitled "Kid's Stuff".

CCC provides Mainstage with a regular theatre and theatre seating for our shows, and a cafeteria with the option for the program participants to purchase a hot lunch during the day. Additionally all rooms are airconditioned, and college security to assist with parking.

Glen Landing, of course, provided us with a familiar and welcoming home. Both are available to us. We need to make a decision in the next two weeks. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Ed Fiscella President Mainstage Center For the Arts

-- Anonymous, March 02, 2002


CCC, hands down. It's a longer drive for us but well worth it!

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2002

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