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Am an avid 35mm photgrapher ..aslo dabble with a noblex for the real wide angle very keen to move up into the large format league,I am intentionally giving the medium format a skip as my main intention is to get serious about architectural photography, as the need for shifts & tilts can be very well achived only with a view camera.Can you advise me as to where or whom i should contact, is there any club/courses? any place that i can get myself a decent second hand view camera?Would appreciate your help.

-- harshan thomson (, March 02, 2002



I too searched in vain for connections for LF classes or clubs in Singapore, but alas, have yet to find any.

I do however have a 4x5 wooden field camera available complete with lens at a reasonable price that can be negociated.

I am away on business all this week-till Mar 8, but E Mail me and we can talk.


-- RICHRRD ILOMAKI (, March 04, 2002.



I pushed the wrong button. Ny name is RICHARD Bye

-- RICHARD ILOMAKI (, March 04, 2002.

Hi Richard and all LF lovers,

Have met up with Harshan Thomson regarding LF activities. Will be glad to meet up both of you for exchange of appreciation on LF photography.

Patrick Lee

-- (, March 08, 2002.

you guys know of any basic photography courses by any chance? I'm a little bored in Singapore and am looking to find somthing arty farty to do - hence i stumbled upon your string of comments here. I don't feel worthy of asking you guys about this cuz you've scared me with your photo jargon.. :) Keep me posted if you guys know anything.

Cheers Janaki

-- Janaki Saba (, March 25, 2004.

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