WTB 8x10 BTZS tubes

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A few months ago I asked if anyone had 8x10 BTZS developing tubes for sale. I bought two from someone on the list. I now think I need two more. Anybody have a set they'd like to sell? Jeff

-- jeff schraeder (jeff@circlesofclarity.com), March 02, 2002


the view camera store (formerly darkroom innovations) now has them in stock.

-- Vince Pulvirenti (zone7@massnet1.net), April 21, 2002.

Thanks, I asked them to put me on a waiting list and they haven't called. I'll try calling them tomorrow although I would rather buy them used. (hint to anyone who has two for sale)

-- jeff schraeder (jeff@circlesofclarity.com), April 21, 2002.

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