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Case Closed: The Real Villain Behind 9/11 "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free" John VIII:XXXII and George IX:XI

Joe Vialls, February 2002 One hundred and sixty four days after the September 11 Attack on the World Trade Center, Australian and other newspapers today published a syndicated article from the Washington Post by Bob Woodward and Dan Balz entitled “The First 24 Hours”. The prominent article details the alleged actions of the White House “Inner Circle” until midnight on the day of the attacks, and manages to report what some of the leaders were actually thinking at the time. For two of the most powerful journalists at the Washington Post, this article could have been written and published less than 48 hours after the attack. Remember both have known celebrity access, and were easily capable of calling a few unlisted numbers and getting the exclusive poop on what everyone was doing that day. No big deal, the symbiotic relationship between the White House and the Washington Post would have guaranteed unlimited cooperation. So why now rather than then? Perhaps because it is only now that we need to be reminded or reinforced in our "knowledge" about who was really behind the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. For those of you who might still have doubts, Woodward and Balz give you direct access to the mind of CIA Director George Tenet. Imagine that – you are actually inside the head of the Director of Central Intelligence! At the time, Tenet was having breakfast with former Senator David Boren at the St Regis Hotel in Washington. ‘Tenet had been increasingly troubled by the prospect of a major terrorist attack. There was too much chatter in the intelligence system and repeated reports of threats. Everywhere he went, his message was the same: Something big is coming. But for all his fears, intelligence officials could never pinpoint when or where an attack might hit. “This has bin Laden all over it” Tenet said to Boren. “I’ve got to go”. He had another reaction in the first few minutes, one that raised the possibility that the CIA and FBI had not done all they could to prevent the terrorist attacks from taking place. “I wonder”, Tenet thought, “If this has anything to do with this guy taking pilot training”. He was referring to Zacarias Moussaoui, who had been detained in August after attracting suspicion when he sought training at a Minnesota flight school.’ Wow! It is not hard to see why George Tenet was selected as Director of Central Intelligence, is it? There he was at 9.30 a.m. on the morning of September 11, rising from his breakfast table inside the St Regis Hotel in Washington, when the voices stared chattering inside his head. Remember, George had not yet been outside on the streets of Washington, had not seen a television set or listened to a radio, and was a hundred miles away from the World Trade Center. But the voices, oh God, the voices… How could George be so incredibly clever? Remember that his intelligence officials could never pinpoint where or when an attack might hit. This was vintage George Tenet though, at the extreme cutting edge of intelligence and with the seemingly uncanny ability to “see” giant commercial aircraft smashing through huge skyscrapers, and immediately link the event to baby Cessnas at a Minnesota flight school. Zacarias Moussaoui was not the most obvious person to think about when facing the biggest attack on America. Quite apart from being snugly incarcerated in a federal penitentiary at that exact moment on minor immigration charges, the nature of Moussaoui’s interest in aircraft was far from compelling. In common with hundreds of thousands of Americans he wanted to learn how to fly a Cessna, and in common with tens of thousands of Americans, he fancied flying a Boeing 747 flight simulator. The voices in George Tenet’s head were not deflected by logic however. On and on they went, urging him to name Moussaoui as the real villain behind 9/11. George didn’t want to of course, and he rued the day when that evil CIA doctor had talked him into an internal nasal examination. George remembered the searing pain as the spherical incandescent Mossad transmitter was thrust crudely up his left nostril, before being deliberately embedded in his sinus. The evil CIA doctor cackled insanely as he stepped back, dribbling spittle down the front of his white coat. George was terribly hurt and completely perplexed. When the voices started sneering “now you work for us”, he kept replying “I know I do, I’m Jewish and my entire staff at the CIA has worked for the Mossad for more than ten years.” Nowadays it doesn’t matter anymore. When George Tenet is asked about the attacks of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, he looks vacant and crackles like an old gramophone record, before woodenly repeating over and over again that it was all the responsibility of Zacarius Moussaoui, a minor felon in the federal pen who wanted to fly a Cessna. Think about it people. There is a message here for anyone who does not want to join George, and have a throbbing spherical Mossad transmitter shoved up his or her nostril by a dribbling maniac. When Bush & Co. ask for the “Guilty” verdict at the much-publicised show trial of Zacarias Moussaoui and Richard Reid (the Shoe Bomber without a bomb) in October, you must support the call energetically. It is no longer acceptable to sit around in front of the television or send a casual email. Instead, rush out on the street and roar your approval as Romans of old when their Emperor sentenced the Christians to death. Give Moussaoui and Reid the thumbs down. Do it now! "Hail Caesar" you should cry "Kill them, kill them!"

-- Killet (, March 02, 2002

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