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Hi Recently I got myself a Sony DAVS500 dvd/home theater system Its a great buy for me and I'm really satisfied with it. H'evr over last week I encountered a situation- its like this... whenevr I'm playing a VCD,the output on the TV screen is showing a whole lot of pixels in the background.Now let me tell you these are all original discs. H'evr when I'm playing DVDs and music CDs they are running just perfect on the system So i'v agot a cupl of questions here: 1/is it that a VCD is not so well supported on a DVD player in terms of clarity? 2/I run this system thru a 29' Hitachi flat color tv- someone wisely told me that a big screen maay display some pixel formation while running a VcD- but somehow it sounded stupid.In this situation i did not h'evr rule this out.Cud it be so ? 3/or maybe i shud check this with Sony service point here if there is something that need to be done after checking the system?

will be really good if you cud put some advice/suggestions thru which will help me to ustand this clear.

many thks in advance

-- Saikat Sarkar (, March 02, 2002


There might be nothing wrong. You must understand that VCD is at low bit rates and depending on how much care was taken in making the VCD, pixelation can sometimes be seen. Commercial VCDs are often made pretty quickly with no attention to quality and what you're seeing sounds pretty normal to me. I don't have tons of commercial VCDs, but Fox and Disney seem to make the highest quality ones from what I've seen and Hong Kong movies seem to be pretty poor quality for the most part.

-- Jason (, March 04, 2002.

I got same pixelation problem,someone says to tell NERO to burn slower, but I dont know how,another suggestion is to user a better CD- R, anyways I have no problems on the PC, just when I play it on the TV DVD player

-- Emil Zysk (, December 18, 2002.

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