Kodak DX 3600 MOV video clips to avi or mpeg

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The challege -- I have been to several sites, have downloaded several things, including switch, and smartvid, but all to no avail, would like to avoid going full bore with quicktime. The problem -- I made a "music video" using my Kodak 3600 (32 megs), and would like to send it to a friend far away. To large to send as an attachment, so upload to xdrive, but only in avi or mpeg formats. Need to convert both the audio and the video with good resolution. Long term, I want to use the kodak video clips in other video software that only accepts avi or mpeg. Most of this is new to me, digital video, but liking it so far. any suggestions? how else can I get my video to my friend far away? appreciate your input. (got error messages with both switch and smartvid -- I have a fair platform running xp) - ^-^

-- Doyle Doss (extractum@aol.com), March 01, 2002


never really download a program that i can use

-- morne du plessis (morne.duplessis@iscor.com), March 03, 2002.

Found this elsewhere, haven't tried it: One bad thig about movie was it outputs movie as .mov and you have to view this using quicktime. I wanted to use Windows Media which has more function than Quicktime. I was able to find a convert software at ... - RAD video tool and convert this .mov to .avi format. Once I converted, I was able to burn VCD using Nero 5. Now it can be played on normal DVD. Recommanded for its quality, price, easy of use.

http://srd.yahoo.com/testg/S013_3/goo/radvideo/1/T=1031386461/F=1247a4 930cf5260ba7f9e52d5ba4066e/*http://www.radvideo.com/

-- asdfsafds (sdfdsf@dsfsdf.com), September 07, 2002.

QuickEditor is a simple software that converts MOV to AVI and other extensions.

You can also try Adobe Premiere, and, with a DIVX plugin, convert to AVI a small size.

But the resolution is not so good. I have the same problem...

-- Luiz Barrichelo (LuizBarrichelo@hotmail.com), September 22, 2002.

yo can also download TMPGEnc on http://www.tmpgenc.net/e_main.html . This program converts also videofiles (mov) to avi or mpeg. How to get it by your friend? Try to covert it to MPEG4. But how you do that, i don't know! You can send it by msn??? ps.: I speak dutch, no American

-- (boem@aol.com), April 16, 2003.

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