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A few weeks ago, I abruptly woke up and decided to quit the Net cold turkey (you may have noticed my absence.) I'm finally back, though I plan to spend less time hooked into the brain I.V. than I did before, and by a stroke of good luck, indeed, insanely good luck considering the intellectual scope of the Million Monkeys, I immediately came across this:

Interesting stuff. You know, I heard the Utena video game was really good... But now, to slog through all the posts I missed.

-- Frostbite (, March 01, 2002


Here I was actually missing your posts and you were on some sort of intellectual vacation. I have been searching for the dvd Revolutionary girl Utena because of yours and Peter's recommendation. Ebay has it of course, but you know it is one of the most expensive dvd's out there and good luck finding it for rent. Did you see it in the theatre?

-- Barb e. (, March 01, 2002.

Thanks for that site Mat. I need a place to find all this stuff. After I posted that I re-read Peter's list and for him it was Adolesence of Utena. I remember Kristine, (gotta get used to that, growth is good!but I did like that other name too)sorta raving about either Revolutionary girl or Adolesence of Utena. She said one was not a plot to easily fathom, and that it was a great movie. I will have to see both I guess. So, do tell, what's on that list of 5 anyhow? To keep in topic, I did check out the video games are incredibly stupid site. Interesting and true observations.

-- Barb e. (, March 05, 2002.

I got the American DVD at a few months ago. The raw Japanese version I got from some fansubber (named Glass Rose, I think) over a year ago. Thanks for missing me! I've missed you one of the most of all, Scarecrow.

-- Frostbite (, March 01, 2002.

Hey man, was wondering where you went. I quoted you!!!

Hahahaha... =)

-- cynical (, March 01, 2002.

Barb, you should definitely see the Utena movie, it went to the top five of my list the moment I saw it. I got mine from

-- Mat Rebholz (, March 05, 2002.

I gotta say, I liked the name "Frostbite" too... :(

-- cynical (, March 06, 2002.

What's on my top five? Hmmm... I have to admit that I only used "top five" as a sort of expression. But I could name a few of my favorties.

Well, arbitrarily excluding AF because it's TV... I'd have to include the Utena movie, Ghost in the Shell (it's not really in the "Chung style" so much, but it has a personal, emotional draw for me)... and, I'm losing my memory. I'll have to think about this some more.

By the way, see "Ghost World".

-- Mat Rebholz (, March 11, 2002.

Oh, also on my list, my favorite Lynch movie: Fire Walk With Me.

-- Mat Rebholz (, March 12, 2002.

hey, rent Utena online and have it shipped to your house! has a rippin selection of anime, and check this, its a DVD library through the mail:

flat monthly fee rent as many as you want (but only 3 at a time) no due dates no late fees they pay shipping only $20 a month

i am so freakin hooked on this its sick. also, i think they're offering the first month free now, but if not, email me and as a current member i can make your first month free.

seeya, Dan

-- dan (, March 13, 2002.

Funny, I was just reading about Neflix in the current issue of Time. They said they are going to be opening up more distribution centers so that us East Coasters don't have to wait longer than the West Coasters. It sounds like a great program and now that I've heard a personal account I might try it out.

-- Logo (, March 14, 2002.

This series is absolutely fantastic. Its also nice that the DVDs are so complete, a bit raw, but tons of episodes.

Recently I've been watching Twin Peaks. Oh so very very excellent. And the Ghost in the Shell movie was so good I got the Manga... Shirow is a quite a visionary, he dreams up things with such panache and insight.


-- skye (, April 28, 2002.

Whatever happened to seasons two and three of Utena?

-- Inu (, April 28, 2002.

Im not to down with the video games being incredibly stupid article. With the vast amount games being produced these days one is liable to find shit beneath even old school donkey kong(I have no problem with the classics mind you). But to say game developers are now so incredibly stupid they cant even delve beyond the puzzle physics of Tetris, makes me wonder what the dude has been limited to. I think I could go on and on and on, talking about what makes all kinds of new video games anything but incredibly stupid, without mentioning how jazzy they look and sound. And Saying one or two games show some promise, promise of what? Mental advancements over pac-man? Video games are for entertainment, some people find jazzy visuals and sound entertaining, whats incredibly stupid about that? If I was after a game more mentally challenging, one that say, allowed for the applying of reason, Id hardly be stuck for ideas. I recently played Silent Hill 2 on expert puzzle mode and its *gasp* PUZZLING!!

-- Sam (, April 29, 2002.

Sam,(this ones basically to you)I think you may be missing the point. The whole reason video games are so crap (and they are) is because people as you say are so entertained by jazzy graphics, that's what they look for and that's what they get: the whole problem solving aspect that used to exist in games has taken a distant second place. The reason for this is simply that technology is advancing so rapidly game distributers are in a rush to show off the newist shit. I don't think this will change untill technology reaches a (even breif) stand still. As for your Silent Hill 2 reference: I don't think you could have come up with a worse example of a "mentally stimulating" game. I would agree that the game is hard especially on expert puzzle mode but their is a reason for that other than being some kind of intellectual masterpeice. Any game that big where you basically have to systematically examine everything (including things hidden in hard places just for difficulties sake not because it's logical) is going to be hard. By all means Sam enjoy your buetiful looking games but don't try and justify them as some sort of intellectual pursuit.

-- Tristen (, May 08, 2002.

Hmmm I was wondering when someone would finally respond to that. Hey Tristen, are you from New Zealand?

Its true that many games are no longer challenging in the ways they once were, I know the new trend is to look and sound better than before. How could I not be aware of that? OK ok okay, SH2, I'll admit would become tedious to anyone unable to appreciate its atmosphere & such, but it is not with out a variety of mental challenges. Were going beyond the searching & examining here. I enjoyed the puzzles myself. how far through did you play the game on expert anyway? Have you played any of the Heroes of Might and Magic series? Are they crap to? Heroes 2 is a platinum title and a beautiful game alright, but certaintly not for its looks. I'm sorry but Video games do not fall into the category of "intellectual pursuit" for me myself. Is that all you look for in a title? Games can be challenging in different ways. What is your preference? To tell you the truth my real enthusiasm lies in the fighting genre, specifically capcom, more specifically Street Fighter. Basically for the competitive aspects and my being partial to surreal combat. (Im one of the better players in my city, did u know :?). Many people like to practise & gain skills that can be applied competetively, a whole new world of fun is opened in the world of video games with such interests at heart. I would prefer to assume that the arguments of that essay are not intended towards multi player games like Street Fighter(Tekkens fine though). Do your opinions apply to 2 player Tristen?

-- Sam (, May 13, 2002.

You seem to be an enthusiastic gamer and I apologise if my being so foward has offended you I know the truth hurts. I will try to answer all your questions. Here are my responces in the order you asked them: -Yes I am from NZ; Wellington spicifically(i hope your not an Aucklander) -I was wondering that myself. -I've played through enough of silent hill to understand it fairly well and have had many a conversation with those who've finished it (i'd like to assume you've finished it the way you talk about it, but my guess is that you haven't). -No, I must admit i haven't played much Heroes. -Yes. -No, but it's a plus. -MUCH OLDER GAMES (if you mean genre i dont have any real preference). -Of course i know!!! Every night my family and friends gather around the fire to tell stories of the Legendary SAM. -Full heartedly.

-- Tristen (, May 13, 2002.

Dont worry Tristen no offence taken, the truth may be hurting you but Im fine. Your right though Mr Wellingtonian, I am an Aucklander, wanna make something of it?!? Ive never been to our countrys capital in my entire life, I often hear intriguing tales of how the people will smile at one another as they pass on streets.

I played SH2 right the way through and finished it (I swear).

For preference, I mean more specifically, what game play aspects gain the Tristen Approval? Im sure you have some examples.

Yes! I knew my legend was spreading. What about my last question though.....?

-- Sam (, May 14, 2002.

It's there. I know it's a complex system; my last answer corresponding to your last question and all.

-- emmet (, May 16, 2002.

God forbid you delve into it any further.

-- Sam (, May 16, 2002.

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