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I have searched the archives and need to double check my understanding of the Gitzo series tripods. I am looking to purchase a new tripod for my Wisner 5"x7". The camera and lens combo weigh in at around 10 pounds. I thought that a Gitzo 1224 would work for this camera. The 1224 will support 13 pounds. On an earlier post I see that comments were made that the 1200 series was a tad bit small for a similar 5x7 and the 1300 series was suggested. Should I go for the 1320 or will the 1224 work? In time I will go all out and look at a Carbon model. For now I must settle for this range. Any one have experience that will help?

-- Bruce E. Rathbun (, March 01, 2002


I found the 1228 too small for my Wisner 4x5 and have ordered a 1325 to replace it.

-- Josh Divack (, March 01, 2002.

Bruce, the 1349 carbon fibre is superb!! It is very substantial for such a lightweight pod and well worth spending the extra cash - you won't need another tripod!! Gitzo are now supplying the leg sets without a centre column. The 1349 operates fine without a centre column - attaching the head to the "pie-plate" instead. It is probably false economy to buy an aluminium pod if you intend to get a CF one in the near future. Check Robert White's site for great deals on CF tripods.

-- paul owen (, March 01, 2002.

I agree with Josh, the 1325 or 1348 will be much better choices for general purpose LF photography. If you are planning to travel or backpack the 1228 or 1227 will probably work better as far as weight and size are concerned. I use the G1348 most of the time but use the G1117 (ligher and smaller than 1200's) when backpacking or travelling. I rarely use my 4x5 on the G1117 but it still works if there's not too much wind.

-- Georges Pelpel (, March 01, 2002.

Most of the recent discussions about Gitzo tripods of late has concerned the carbon fiber models. In carbon fiber the 1300 series is preferred over the 1200 series mainly because of the lack of weight of the carbon fiber legset (kind of ironic)- my head (a Ries) is actually heavier than my 1227 tripod. The 1200 series in aluminum and carbon fiber is undoubtedly strong enough to support up to 5x7 - it's just way too top heavy in carbon fiber, aluminum will also be marginal. I second (third?) the recommendation to go with a 1300 series carbon fiber (in my case a 1325), get it from R. White and don't play around with upgrading later, you'll only be wasting money and time.

-- Wayne DeWitt (, March 01, 2002.

I have a 1228 for my Canham DLC 4x5, and it is pushing it. I would much rather use a 13xx Gitzo, instead. The 1228 can support the weight, but the spread of the legs is too small. I would like to have the legs spread farther out, and lose the center column.

In a perfect world, I would have a 12xx for 35mm gear, and 13xx for MF and LF gear.

-- Andy Biggs (, March 01, 2002.

Hi Bruce

I`m very happy with my 1228 but if I can drive with my car to the shooting place then I take my 9,6 kg Manfrotto. But I take it for Nikon F5 to Bronica to Horseman 4x5 and Arca 4x5 not 5x7! And just for Andy in a perfect world I could always drive with my car to the shooting point ,-)))

-- Armin Seeholzer (, March 01, 2002.

I want to Second the thought on checking into Robert White. I too was going to buy a aluminium tripod until I found out I could get a CF for about the same price if I bought the aluminium in the US. I ordered a 1325.

-- Ed Candland (, March 01, 2002.

Hi Bruce,

I use Gitzo 1326 with my 5x7 Canham. I used to have a 1224--which was fine with a lightweight Japanese 4x5--but really not (IMHO) stable enough for the added weight of the 5x7. I recommend the heaver tripod...

-- jason (, March 03, 2002.

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