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I want to tranfer my old VHS tapes into VCDs, I tried using the Belkin USB VideoBus II and it totally sucked, horrible video and audio quality. Searching the net I found thie Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge. It promeses to allow analog audio/video capture using the Firewire port in a Mac or PC. By this should I understand that the image and audio quality is going to be superior that the crappy USB VideoBus? I have iMovie (it came with my PowerMac G4) and Toast 5 Titanium

I am trying to learn about video capture in order to preserve home videos and aging VHS tapes. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

-- Jorge Inchaurregui (, March 01, 2002


Jorge...I've just started working with the Hollywood on my G4, but I'm pretty pleased with the results I've gotten so far...If you want, I can email you a couple of video captures. One note: it has a funny kind of bug with Macs...not a problem, just an have to have a signal going from your VHS deck to the Hollywood when you start up (or restart) your Mac. Otherwise it will keep reporting that it is getting a PAL signal instead of NTSC...Dazzle says it's the firmware on the Hollywood DV

-- Gary (, March 03, 2002.

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