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Is there anything easy about making SVCD's? VCD's were painless compared to these. Now that I have VirtualDub capturing best huffyuv without dropping frames (which only seemed to work after installing the PicVideo MJPEG codec (??)), I want to encode my AVI and WAV into SVCD-compliant MPEG2. Well, I download and install TMPGEnc 2.52 and, lo and behold, it's not freeware anymore, it's a shareware 30-day trial version from Pegasys Inc..

I'm using a dual processor system (2 x 733MHz PIII) and the multiprocessor settings didn't change the processing time at all (from 11 hours to 10 hours - that's bull). I haven't seen the end product, but that's because I will stave off encoding until tonight and let it run overnight. In the meantime, has anyone used it (v2.53 now) and, if so, is it worth $48. I cannot afford to spray money around like it grows on trees as I'm currently paying two (yes, that's right - TWO) mortgages, so expenses are tight, spending is minimal, and only when guaranteed to be worth it. If there is a less expensive approach that is equivocable, I'd rather go that direction unless there is something noteworthy about the new version of TMPGEnc.

Robert Templeton

-- Robert Templeton (, March 01, 2002


If u think the pay version of TMPGenc is expensive at $48 then for the same levels of quality try Heuris or CinemaCraft. They cost $$thousands...!!

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, March 04, 2002.

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