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Going up on my first wall this April. I'm blind without my contacts but have learned to deal with them on multi-day alpine routes in all conditions BUT a wall. So should I: *Bring 5- 6 disposable pairs and change them out daily? *Buy a pair of glasses to supplement contacts? *Or both of the above? What have people learned from experience about contacts on a wall? Do eyes get thrashed from dust, wind, sun, etc.? Thanks, Barry

-- Barry Collins (, March 01, 2002


I would recommend glasses. I never do that well with contacts and the middle of a hard aid pitch is not the time to go blind. Bring the contact lenses and then maybe a pair of glasses just incase it doesnt work out. hope this helps

-- John O'Connor (, March 03, 2002.

I always wear my contacts and have never had a problem. If you are prone to dry or easily iritated eyes with your contacts i would recomend the glasses after having seen the dificulty others have had. My eyes don't iritate easily so I don't have a problem with dirt,dust, etc.. I do always bring a couple spare pairs just in case and also my glasses as a last resort(cheap insurance). Make sure you bring along some baby wipes or something to clean your fingers with before you handle you contacts as this will greatly reduce your chances of a problem. good luck, matt

-- matt petrella (, March 05, 2002.

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