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The Church in Africa met for another session of the African Jurisdictional council in Gaborone, Botswana. This was truly a blessed session. It was spiritually charged and was graced by the presence of the President of Botswana, His excellency Mr. Festus Mogae and the Deputy Prime Minister of Namibia, our own Rev. Dr. Hendrik Witbooi, who attended the opening worship service. Forsure Africa is making a progress in the right direction. I personaly am proud on our Bishiops, Bishop Herald B. Senatle, Bishop Adam J. Richardson, Bishop C. Garnet Henning, Bishop Veshti Mckenzie, Bishop Preston Williams and my Bishop, Bishop Gregory G. M. Imgram.

They were magnificent throughout the deliberations and perhaps one may single out Bishop Henning for a powerful sermon/lecture at the closure of the session. This man truly beares the African situation at heart. The areas of major importance were the election of Bishops and general officers and how this platform may influence change in the church. What I am trying to say is, change for African Methodism is inevitable. It is happening and it will happen. The only question is are we ready to let go and let God. Are we as AME's all over the globe ready to accept the change and what choices are we going to make, and are we ready to accept the consequences of our choices.

This reminds me of the sermon at the opening worship service at the General Conference Awakened to serve Christ Church and Community. Surely the reveille has sounded for the AME Church. And the issue of leveling the play ground which we advocated since the beginning of this process is going strong. One thing that should however be noted is that Africa Jurisdictional Council, has never and doesnot advocate a disjointment from the connection for we are African methodist Episcopal, we are the children of Richard and Sarah Allen and we are bound by God Our Father, Christ Our Redeemer and Men Our Brother.

Finally, what is expected from us as people going through this process is to pray with and pray for one another, so that this process may be played out not according to the African will or American will or the Bishop's will but to God's will!!! Regards Rev. A. Eberhardt Biwa Senior Pastor

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2002


I am very much interested in the resolutions that has been taken at the AJC - and I think the entire Church are. Can anyone that has attended give us some (if possible -all) of the resolutions so that we can be pro-active as to the preparation for the General Board and further meetings to the AJC?


Rev. WC Legolie, II

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2002

The AJC adopted a statement to be released to all the AME media, and I am in the process to finalise a very brief report as well. Please be patient, as we are not working fulltime as media practitioners, and we may have a report and statement ready for evevrybody, including The AME Today.

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2002

How will the AJC affect our Connectional organizations -- Lay, WMS, YPD, Christian Ed, etc. Will the AJC have its own leadership of this organization?

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2002

Dear Rev.Biwa Blessings to you from Bermuda. I am thankful and delighted to hear your encouraging report. As members of the global family of African Methodism we must fully embrace all of our different and diverse cultures.We have our roots from the place you call home and it is my prayer that we draw closer together as the family of God and as the children of African Descent. I am a descendant of slavery which landed on my tiny little island. The work of God is moving and we must be in tune. God Bless You

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2002

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