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Hi, Going to a neon light manufacturer, what color should the light be for a cold light head? And for VC paper what would the two colors be? Light yellow and magenta? Thanks, Jacques

-- Jacques Augustowski (, February 28, 2002



Hopefully someone can answer your question better, but for variable contrast paper you want blue and green light. The reason one uses yellow and magenta filtration is that they block blue and green light respectively. I can't comment on the suitability of using neon light for enlarging purposes. Good Luck!


-- Pete Caluori (, February 28, 2002.


As mentioned above, for VC heads youŽll want blue and green tubes, since this are the colors hi and lo contrast layers are sensible to.

For non VC heads, youŽll want balanced blue and green, unless you want to print in graded paper, in which case any reasonable white tube will work.

DonŽt know why exactly you are going to a neon manufacturer, since spare tubes are available for most cold heads.

-- Enrique Vila (, March 01, 2002.

hi jaques just to add to what enrique mentioned .. if you have an older aristo head ( for example) they will put the modern v54 tube in it and make whatever modifications to the heater unit for just over $100 ( us). i am not quite sure about their multi-tube heads . i am sure that aristo could give you better information than me.

best of luck.

-- jnanian (, March 01, 2002.

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