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I asked this in the diet check-in thread but maybe it won't get seen there.

Can you post anything about this?


-- Cat (, February 28, 2002


The diabetic diet that I have been following was given to us by a hospitol dietician and by going to the library I learned a lot about a lot of the foods I could use and not use. Carbohydrates, sugars and different fats and food exchanges. There are also many areas that hold clinics on this subject. This is a healthy and safe diet. My husband is diabetic and so it became a life style change for us. Because he is diet controlled right now he has been able to go off of the pills that helped him to control his sugar levels. I still allow myself a treat once a week as I have my cholesterol to worry about and not sugar levels. Fruits and steamed or raw vegetables (peas, corn and carrots are eaten less often) stir fried vegetables. Very little salt is used. Bread and cereal are equal so I will have 1 slice of bread and 1/2 c of cereal in a day. I use vegetable spray as often as I can. meat is usually broiled. No more than 1 egg per day. I use jelly instead of butter on toast (l tsp. per slice) Sorry to make this so long. These are just examples. Does this help you?

-- notyet (, March 01, 2002.

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