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We should discuss the end of End Sinister or something. It's been pretty quiet here on LUSENET. We all seem to be pretty satisfied with our own understanding of the episodes... what the heck do we do now?!? There's got to be more out there! I mean, I've got the CD, the vids, the .mov of the lady trying to get off with that door from the Gravity train. Although I never did find the Cindy Flux Pepsi commercial... anyway. All the Flux sites out there just steal each other's images and junk -basically the same stuff re-worded. *sigh* Time to move on? Peter! Help! FortheloveofGodsaysomethingman!!

-- cynical (, February 27, 2002


Code ultraviolet. One of us is breaking down. Administer over an hour intense psychic images of Aeon Flux through large bore wormhole to the mind of Cynical. Run continuous wide open. Flux dreams needed for stability STAT. Stand back during administration and monitor for Monican male side effects with possible intense pleasure reactions. Isolate any thoughts of Bregna until pleasure reaction subsides to avoid harmful interruptus.

-- Barb e. (, February 27, 2002.

Maybe I should get a life, huh?? =)

-- cynical (, February 28, 2002.

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