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Up Front I'll say this: I'm not trying to sell this. I'm giving it away.

I've got a Baby Graphic lensboard. Had a 10" Raptor in it that is now working well on a Crown board. The Baby board is: Not pretty. Not New. Serviceable - Period.

If you're interested E-mail me at

Again - I'm not selling. I really like this forum too much to violate the no selling format.

Thank You.

-- Steve Feldman (, February 27, 2002


What is the size of the board? I have a Busch Pressman for which I have been searching for a lens board for some time. Mine is solid aluminum and the camera has a screw which threads down into a small l shaped bracket on the board. Let me know if this description fits. Thanks. James

-- james (, February 27, 2002.

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