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Recently I purchased an original pencil sketch from the workup for a cel. It is likely done by Peter Chung. I love the linework, graceful and strong. Poised with her fug yet looking demure its a beauty. I think it is from the original episode. I received an email from someone else who saw this auction. He invited me to see his collection of cels, which are displayed on a site on the internet. He has a knockout cel of Tex Avery's Little Eva that is just gorgeous. CELS

-- Barb e. (, February 27, 2002


I'm glad you mentioned it. It would seem a shame to let it go without saying something here on 'cartoon network', (haha). Nothing made me laugh as much as Bugs Bunny, except for South Park's unbelievable timing with their homage to Jones tonight. With all the grim news lately, black humor is probably human nature at it's best.

-- Barb e. (, February 28, 2002.

Tex Avery is cool. I used to watch that way back when. I used to watch it JUST for that chick too!! And then, you know, some fool decided to create Aeon Flux.... ;)

-- cynical (, February 27, 2002.

Speaking of Tex Avery, another great Looney Tunes director, Chuck Jones, died just a few days ago. I think Avery created Bugs Bunny, but Jones was really the premier director at the studio.

-- Logo (, February 28, 2002.

Sues, Thanks for the link to my site, all are welcome to enjoy. I will post a better picture of Little Eva soon and I will also update the aeon flux cels to include full size shots not just the thumb nails. Personally, I have always thought of Chuck Jones as a fantastic director. We can thank him for the best timing of all time, but honesty I found his actual animation drawings to be truly pathetic. Everything he did looked like The Grinch. Sure he was responsible for that as well, but Wile E Coyote should not look like Lucy Lou Hoo.

-- tom (, March 01, 2002.

TRULY PATHETIC?! Are you mad? Chuck Jones was one of the greatest animators that ever lived. He was one of the pioneers in the medium, his influence as an artist and a visionary is felt in almost all American animation, and his gesture drawings are some of the best you are likely to find anywhere. It's true that his talents as an illustrator may have lacked some depth, but he was not an illustrator, he was an animator and a master at his craft. To critique his skills based on the freeze-framed image is like critiquing a composer by only listening to one chord. The essence of animation is movement, or rather the illusion thereof, and therefor to truly appreciate his work, and to properly critique it, it must be seen in motion as it was intended to be viewed.

My own umbrage aside however, I really don't see what you are talking about. His characters were as distinct as night and day.If any similarity exists I think it is just in the way he drew their mouths when they smiled.

And wasn't it Cindy Lu Who not Lucy Lou Hoo?

-- Logo (, March 01, 2002.

I will say that I enjoyed the Osama Bin Laden ep of South Park (which I watched back when it first aired and again tonight.) I especially liked the subliminal message that American civilians and Afghani civilians are in the same boat.

-- Frostbite (, March 02, 2002.

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