R lenses on digital eos????

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Has anyone tryed with a Novoflex adapter, a R lens on an EOS digital body? I am a pro photographer i Denmark, some times I need digital shots, but love my R-lenses. Let me know. Nicolai Perjesi. http://www.perjesi.dk

-- Nicolai Perjesi (nicolai@perjesi.dk), February 27, 2002



I have this adapter and use it with my EOS 1N. I see no reason why it shouldn´t work with a digital EOS in A or M-Mode. It is the same mount. But maybe it is better to ask NOVOFLEX.

-- J. Hildebrand (j.hildebrand@hildebrand.de), February 27, 2002.

doesn't jay do that?


-- ken kwok (kk353@yahoo.com), February 27, 2002.

Yes indeed he does. Works on D30 (I own one) and 1D (I've tried it), no reason *yet* to suspect problems with the D60. The only incompatibilities I've discovered so far are 1)only the Elan 7/7E meter will not read correctly in stop-down mode; 2)On EOS 1 and 1n the "fine spot" metering is inaccurate (though on the 1n if you use the C.Fn that ties the spotmeter to the active focus sensor the problem goes away).

-- Jay (infinitydt@aol.com), February 27, 2002.

Is it possible mount an M lens on an M-to-R adapter, then mount that combination to an R-to-EOS, then use that on a digital Canon? Not something I'll be doing soon, but in a couple of years, a second-hand D60 could come in handy for a lot of stuff.

(I use a handheld meter all the time anyway, so metering isn't really an issue.)

-- Mike Dixon (mike@mikedixonphotography.com), February 28, 2002.

i think there is no M to R adapter, because m lenses have a shorter distance to the film due to the lack of a mirror.

-- stefan randlkofer (geesbert@yahoo.com), February 28, 2002.

There most certainly is an M-to-R adaptor, aftermarket as well as the original Leica 14167. However these adaptors were designed for the Visoflex lenses which have longer back-focus. If you mount an M lens using them you can use them for macro but that's all.

-- Jay (infinitydt@aol.com), February 28, 2002.

Hi Jay

Could you post some of the shots taken with the Novoflex adaptor on the Canon D30? Are you happy with the results? How does it compare with the R lenses on an R body? I am interested in using the same adaptor on the Canon D60. Thanks

-- David Yeo (yeo_d@hotmail.com), April 14, 2002.

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