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Hello. I have a movie which it hasn't titles. I have the titles in str format and i would like to put them into the mpg file so when i burn the mpg file by Nero so I can see it In my Napa Player. I'm trying to do this because the flask(or xmpeg or DVDx) can see the subtitles into the ifo file but when they are making the mpg file the subtitles are not displayed. Sorry if i'm writing wrong.I'm from greece and i have left my english lessons about 5 years

-- Basilis Basilioy (, February 27, 2002


hi i am joud kenaan i had a window's xp but i dont have xing player program plz i have a help with u &if u want send me a download to this program thank you.

-- joud kenaan (, February 27, 2002.

Here is the site where you can download the xing player. As i can see it works on 98/Nt it is shareware and you have to register. I haven't download it but if you are going to download it you can find the way to use it free at Can anybody help me with my problem. Pleaseee

-- Basilis B (, February 28, 2002.

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