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Yeah, I'm like every other procrastinator on here, except that my question isn't as essential to my paper's outcome...

My question is simply this:

Does anyone know about the Background of Poe and how he may have symbolized himself in The Pit and the Pendulum? I've heard that he may have put himself purposefully in the rats, but I dunno about that... Any help is quite appreciated; however, help before thursday is even more appreciated, since the paper is due then... Thanks!

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2002


Rember not evrything poe whrote hade too defently be about him i knownot if he was in any conected with the pit and the pendilum but you also have too rember poe was into whriten almost melon coly fairy tales he beleaved the best whriters steped out of thayer mind and whrote out side of any kind of sane thinking you must rember that too

-- Anonymous, March 02, 2002

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