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I've just found a Polaroid 195 camera. I've loaded it with 665 pack film and took some pictures and I got a problem : there are some white specks on each picture. I know, you may think I didn't read the previous message about the famous "white specks" ... False ! I tried to change the speed when pulling the film out (very fast, fast, normal, very slow ...), I cleaned everything that could be cleaned inside the camera (rollers, pad ...), and those dots are still there ! They sometimes look like little triangles, triangular holes in the developper. Those dots are not always at the same place, but it's always the same kind of dots. Does anyone has an idea ? I'm considering about buying an NPC 195 if I cannot rely on original Polaroid.

-- Yves Paubert (, February 25, 2002


Yves, Please contact the Polaroid Rep. in your region.

Thanks Bill

-- Bill Jefferson (, February 25, 2002.

Yves, Take the NPC. It's really a good choice.The lense is sharper,mechanism and rangefinder are good. No bad surprise.

-- guillaume zuili (, February 25, 2002.


the problem you speak of is not with the 195.

I have had this same problem on and off for 15 years, until a few years ago our local Polaroid rep noticed what I was doing and told me to slowdown the speed in which I pull the second (black tab). PROBLEM SOLVE

apparently when you pull the tab too quickly air pockets gets caught in between the layers.

I hope this solves your problems. By the way how much did you pay for your 195?

I have recently obtained a Konica instant press, so my 195 May be on the market soon.

Regards Dominic

-- Dominic Hsieh (, May 05, 2002.

I would second Yves. Pull out in a smooth slow fashion. Check the rollers after each pack and clean if needed. This is a good camera.

-- Eric Williams (, May 05, 2002.

Thanks guys, The problem has been solved for several weeks now : it was due to the 665 packs I had bought. I've loaded the 195 with Fuji, Polapan and Polacolor, and I have no problem at all now! Pffff ... I really enjoy the 195 and what I'm thinking about now is to find a way to take close pictures (if I don't find a close-up kit I will built it myself). The Fuji color film is really really good.

-- Yves Paubert (, May 06, 2002.

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