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I'm currently shooting slides and hope to scan the slides to post onto the web. Are there reasonably good and low/med priced flatbed slide scanners around?

Epson launched Perfection 2450 flatbed scanner (which takes slides to) in UK which I think is great but unfortunately, it's not available in Singapore. Does anyone know if they will have it in Singapore too?

-- sanz (, February 25, 2002



Epson makes a flatbead scanner- Perfection 1650 if I recall- I saw it at at the Epson store in Funan two days ago. It also does 6x6 and 4x5 with another adapter. I have seen results from a scan of a B&W 4x5 printed on an Epson 1290(?)and it was great.

Yes, it is here and sells for about 300 S$.


-- RICHARD ILOMAKI (, February 25, 2002.

Go with the Epson 1650 Photo which is the same as the Epson 1650 except that it has the 35mm and 120 negative format adapter built into the cover. Check the specs at The Epson 2450 is almost twice the price of the 1650. Avoid the Microtek 5800 with the photo adapter at less than half the cost of the Epson 1650. You have to be either a computer genius or like to read the manual to use the software.

Good luck!

-- K.T. LAU (, April 17, 2002.

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