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i am in need of real help. i am new to computers and heard about this vcd thing and think it is great. i would love if a patient person would help me learn about this. sort of take me under their wing for a few days. please e-mail me at or aol im me at hybrid272. i learn fast and am not a bother. i will pay in any way i can. i would like an e-mail rather than a post but beggars can't be choosers i guess.

-- Chris T. (, February 25, 2002


I can help you. Where are you from ? I am french and I wonder : if I help you making divx and vcd, could you then ship me recent movies in divx format. First go take a look at : Even if you don't understand the french, download : DivX Codec (3.11alpha ou supérieur) Radium MP3 Codec Dvd2mpeg4 Bitrate Calculator VobDec FlasKMPEG 0.593 (ou supérieur) Virtua Dub Ralfodivx v1.5 Movie Box Database v1.21 That's all for today.

-- KROUX (, February 25, 2002.

Hi Christ,

Maybe I can help you, but first I think I have to know your cpu configuration. As I'm from Indonesia, we use mostly PC based Win98 platform, not macintosh or NT.

my configuration :

Win98 PC-Platform PII/450 20 gb Hard Disk 256 RAM BD100 Plus Mother Board Creative SBLive! Sound Card ATI AIW128 / 32 Mb Video Capture Card StudioDV Firewire card Yamaha CRW2200 - CD writer

Hardware you need : -Video Capture Card (support 352x288 and 352x240 resolution) (if can capture in YUY2 format, the better) -Sound Card -CD writer

Software you need : -Video capture software (AVI-IO is nice, I can send it for you) -Good Codec (Huffyuv is nice, losless codec) -Video Editing software (just in case you want to edit the video). -AVI Synth (if you want to frameserver your final movie) -Tmpeg encoder (to make the mpeg1-vcd comliant) -Burning program (Nero 5.5 is good to burn your mpeg to CD)

That's it for today..:-) Just reply me if you're interested to :

Regards, Reko.

PS: If you a bit lazy e-mailing back n forth, you can learn from : it's a nice site to learn anything about video. GOOD LUCK.

-- Rekotomo (, February 25, 2002.

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