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Just wondering is the Apex DVD/CD/MP3 Player AD-1100W any good? I plan on using it mostly to play vcds only.

-- Jack Tripper (, February 24, 2002


I have the Apex 660A and AD703. My best advice is avoid any multi-disc players like the plague. Apex has major quality control problems with the multi-disc units. I could give you a long personal story about the AD703 (3 disc unit), but suffice it to say that my family went through 6 of them and 5 were bad. The 7701, the fancy new DVD/SACD/DVD Audio player, has tons of problems. Single disc players seem to be OK. There's a great Apex form at I strongly suggest you go there and see what other people say about this player or ask yourself what they think of it. It's a great place to get honest opinions from people who actually own the model you're looking at and worth it's weight in gold to help you avoid buying models with known problems.

-- Jason (, February 25, 2002.

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